What is WordPress managed hosting

What is WordPress Managed Hosting 2017

I have written this article to help you decide whether WP managed hosting is for you. I have listed some points to consider together with the type of features you can expect.

WordPress managed hosting differs from other, more general hosting packages in that it offers a more highly tuned and safer environment for your site. Apart from the lower end packages resources such as operating system and memory are not shared and so gains are made in terms of speed and reliability.

The key advantages are:

  • Higher speed and traffic handling capabilities
  • Better security
  • Greater reliability
  • Amazing support

There are some disadvantage too such as:

  • Higher cost
  • Less control

As it say's on the box these are managed packages. That means that many of the functions used to install and maintain your website will be managed by your host. It's like having a WordPress specialist right there on your team. They deliver a safer, more efficient service, with faster speeds and greater traffic handling capability. With the addition of enhanced support and guaranteed uptime this type of hosting is a very attractive option for a professional online business.

Many of the technical tasks you need to carry out will be done for you, it's rather like having a WordPress expert constantly on hand.

The downside is that you will have less control over your installation. This may or may not be a consideration for you but it is certainly worth knowing.

Many hosts offer this service so features and costs vary quite widely. Indeed some of the packages are horrendously expensive for a small business.

But it's worth considering that you get what you pay for and some packages at the lower end of the price range may not be the best.

As WordPress is so popular more and more hosting companies are offering these packages, it is therefore likely that pricing will be kept competitive.

If you wish to concentrate on running your business rather than dealing with the technicalities of maintaining your website this is by far the best hosting option available for you.

Be aware that these hosting packages are purely for WordPress users. Should you wish to use a different CMS such as Joomla or Drupal this kind of hosting is not for you. To get a wider view of hosting in general and less expensive ways to get started take a look at my article on hosting.



The following features are offered in addition to those provided by a standard shared hosting package:


Managed service - All technical aspects of your WordPress installation are managed by dedicated WordPress experts

Super performance - The architecture of your hosting is designed and tuned specifically for WordPress. On most packages resources are not shared by other users, together with enhanced server level caching this means incredible speeds even with the ability to accept high volumes of traffic.

Uptime guarantee - Your host will generally guarantee uptime of around 99%

Heightened security - Your host uses a number of defence strategies to provide better security and protect your site from undesirable intrusions from hackers.

These include:

  • Plugin blacklist - Risky plugins that could damage your site are blocked
  • Very high security defence
  • Active scanning to defend against hackers and block malware

Better Administration - installation and maintenance is handled for you

  • Latest version of WordPress installed in root directory
  • Automatic updates to WordPress
  • FTP access
  • phpMyAdmin access
  • Daily backups and restore points

Premium Support

  • Your support is provided by dedicated WordPress professionals. This ensures express resolution of problems. Your support team will also advise on performance issues.


Always read independent reviews of your chosen host before purchasing a package


Who will benefit from these packages?

The decision to purchase a WP hosting package depends on your own particular needs but here is a little guidance.


Those likely to benefit from WordPress managed hosting:

  • More advanced business user with potentially high traffic volumes
  • You want to concentrate on your business rather than the technical aspects of your website
  • You lack the technical skills to manage your site so you need a higher level of support.
  • Need a hosting solution with no headaches,that provides amazing speed and high quality support
  • Require guaranteed uptime

Of course you can hire a WordPress expert on a permanent or consultancy basis however that could prove expensive.

You are unlikely to get real benefits from WordPress managed hosting if you:

  • Are relatively new to online business
  • Have a tight budget
  • Have relatively low traffic volumes
  • Have a small specialist blogging site with few demands
  • Are tech savvy about WordPress and prefer to keep on top of things yourself (remember that you are responsible for all updates and backups)
  • Prefer a different Content Management System such as Joomla or Drupal


Things to consider when choosing a managed package

When deciding whether to purchase a WP managed package it is worth bearing in mind the following

The good:

Higher speed and traffic handling capabilities

These packages are highly tuned to WordPress and so can deliver vastly superior speed and traffic handling.

Better Security

To ensure that you are protected from undesirables (hackers) who may try to exploit your site for fraudulent or just down right evil reasons you will be restricted in a number of ways. For example you are prevented from installing plugins that have been blacklisted by your host.

Greater Reliability

Resources are not shared (see note) and so your hosting company can deliver a more reliable and smoother service. This also means they can give guarantees on uptime. 

Dedicated Support

Extra high levels of support. It feels like you are on the hosts team and they are on yours.


The maybe not so good:

Higher cost

Taken on its own the cost may seem significantly higher than a standard shared hosting package. When offset against the provision of staff with the right skills then the cost is more than justified .

Shared hosting

Some of the lower cost managed hosting packages are provided on shared servers. This is not as bad as it sounds because the improvements in the other areas will still give exceptional performance.

Less control

You will have less control because the your package is being managed by your host, at least on a technical level. As there is no WP control panel which means that chron jobs cannot be run.


If your backups are located on the same server as your site you could run the risk of losing everything

Always take backups yourself and locate them on another service such as Dropbox



If you are not a technical expert on WordPress or if you prefer to concentrate on the non technical aspects of your business this is a great option for you.

One of the great aspects of this service is the amazing support. You will not be passed around from one call handler to another. Your call will be dealt with by a WordPress expert first time every time. This is really why you are paying extra.

Shared hosting is cheap but not that reliable. You would be sharing resources with other customers running a variety of environments and so your server needs to cope with a large variety of applications such as Joomla, Drupal and others. This impacts on performance and uptime.

To start your business I recommend a nice cheap shared hosting but once you are starting to get traffic it would be worth considering a WP managed hosting package.


Still unsure of which type of hosting to choose? read this excellent article by Winningwp

Or take at look at my article on hosting


I wish you good fortune on building your New Future Online - Bob Zeiss

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