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Bob Zeiss

My name is Bob Zeiss and I am the webmaster for New Future. I have been involved with the Internet for about 15 years. Originally in Technical and Customer Support roles and later in Internet Marketing.

Over the years I have been; a soldier with the British Forces, a Telecoms Engineer, Software Engineer and Project Manager. More recently and most enjoyably I was an Independent Telecoms Consultant advising Government departments on telecommunications cost issues.

I have also owned a Limited Company and been a partner in a private IT enterprise.


I was my own boss and made my own decisions.
Those were the best and most lucrative days.

Until Now!


Why Internet Marketing?

The biggest decision I ever made was to retire early and move to South East Asia where my wife and I live for much of the year.  We both enjoy travelling around this amazing part of the world and may stay forever.

So what was missing? why did I become involved in Internet Marketing?

Three reasons;

  • I missed being my own boss and making decisions, I still have fire in my belly and want to use it to good effect. I have a real desire to work and learn
  • In my previous working life I always worked as part of a team and I wanted to join a group of people who would help each other to achieve success
  • Poor interest rates and high cost of living were tearing my nest egg apart


Fortunately, my first venture into Internet Marketing was the right one. Many people cast around for years before coming to the place I am in now.

I am now affiliated to an organisation that provides the best training and guidance available for online business. It has some of the most experienced and successful internet marketers who act as guides and mentors to new entrepreneurs. I found that all the help and training I needed to set up my new business was just a few clicks away.

Quite quickly I realized that success depends on hard work and focus. Many of you reading this will be familiar with those concepts but did you get the rewards and recognition that your work deserved?

But it’s all fun, the feeling you get being your own boss and making your own decisions is amazing.

It's great to meet you and feel free to contact me if you ever need anything.  Drop me a comment below or you can always get in touch with me via WealthyAffiliate.com (here is a link to my profile).

Should you want to take a look at the training I am involved in you can get more information here.

Enjoy your new internet business,


Bob Zeiss