Independent review of PageBuilder

Review of SiteOrigins' PageBuilder

Type: Drag & Drop Page Builder by Site Origin

Owners: SiteOrigin

Price: Free (Forever)

Support: By forum (Premium support is available)

Updates: Regular


Overall Ranking: 95 out of 100


Page builder is a great way to add structure to your website pages without getting involved in coding or paying out lots of money for template builders such as Artisteer or Themeler. Indeed those products started life as a simple way of creating great personalised themes for your website but now have quite a steep learning curve which Page Builder does not.  Reviews for Page Builder are glowing, but the great thing is that it is free. This means you can test it within your site by creating a test page. I have not discovered any downside to this plugin so I am happy to recommend it to you.

Other Page Builders like Beaver Builder are an excellent option but come at a price.

With approaching one million downloads this plugin has demonstrated its popularity with website owners.


What is Page Builder?

Page Builder is a fairly simple concept in that it releases you from the straight jacket of templates that just wont do what you want. It allows you to structure your post and pages the way you want to see them.

This plugin is developed by the well respected Site Origin who also build templates and other plugins. It’s purpose is to easily control the layout of a page or post by setting up flexible rows and columns that can be used as containers for a variety of widgets. The display of text boxes, post content, RSS, Menus etc. is not now restricted to sidebars. Put what you want anywhere on your page.

You can control the layout of each page or post directly from within your editor. This allows you to present your articles just the way you want. Just drag and drop widgets into your rows and columns.

The interface is very intuitive and basically what you see is what you get.

We have tested this plugin on three of our sites without a problem.

Who is Page Builder for?

Site owners who wish to take their pages to a higher level of design will benefit from Page Builders nice collection of modules and bundle of widgets. The non technical among us will appreciate the ease and convenience of structuring pages directly from within their editor. You can achieve great results without venturing into the scary world of code.


  • Control the layout of your posts or pages from within your editor
  • Live drag and drop editing. Change elements in real time
  • History. If you make an error or want to change something simply roll it back
  • Flexible Row and Column styles
  • SEO friendly with very clean code
  • CSS options

Pros and cons


  • Free (Forever)
  • Simple to use
  • Very light and Search Engine Friendly plugin
  • Totally responsive (allows your pages and posts to be viewed on tablets and phones
  • Central area for control
  • Works with any Word Press standards compliant theme


  • Could possibly benefit from a tabs widget, other than that let me know if you find any cons and I will update this post.

Update - The guys at SiteOrigin inform me that a tabs widget is under consideration and in the meantime they directed me to a  a third party company that provide extra widgets including a tabs widget


Free Support Forum and Blog

Free Widgets Bundle plugin by Site Origin


The Site Origin widget bundle gives you a collection of widgets that you can use and customize. All the widgets are built on our powerful framework, giving you advanced forms, unlimited colours and 1500+ icons.     Quote from Site Origin

Widgets in the bundle include:

  • Google Maps Widget
  • Button Widget
  • Image Widget
  • Call To Action Widget
  • Slider Widget that slides images and HTML5 videos.
  • Price Table Widget that’ll help you sell more.
  • Post Carousel Widget
  • Features Widget
  • Video Widget
  • Headline Widget
  • Social Links Widget


Site Origin has a busy forum and an active blog which will normally give answers to any of your queries. I understand they are moving to an email support system.

Personally I have had excellent and speedy support from Andrew and Alex at Site Origin whenever I had a question to ask.

It is best to bear in mind that support is not funded by any premium product so they don’t have a support staff as such.

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